A Water Crisis

Many Canadian Indigenous Communities currently face water advisories, leaving families reliant on bottled water for their cooking and sanitation needs. Although efforts from industry and government have provided some relief, offering access to clean drinking water is of critical importance.

SEI executives have experienced these conditions first hand while living in the communities we serve.

We therefore supply Atmospheric Water Generators, a short-term and long-term solution for families experiencing water advisories. Our machines produce 50 Liters of clean drinking water per day, by condensing water vapors present in ambient air. Affordable, clean, drinking water where it is needed most is now possible; families will no longer need to rely on bottled or dirty tap water. Period.


By Partnering with the TrueNorthAid Foundation, SEI delivers and installs machines to families, schools and health centers in need. Together, let’s provide water access to those in desperate need.